It’s always fun and challenging to set goals for a new year.

That’s why your friends at Copperfield Dentistry are looking forward to helping you achieve one for your smile!

We’re offering some smile improvement ideas that are entirely possible with our cosmetic dentistry services in Houston, TX!

Ideas For Smile Improvement In 2021

Here are a few ideas for enhancing your smile in the new year:

*Straighten Teeth Without Standard Braces*

You might have crooked or gapped teeth, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need metal brackets and wires in your mouth for the next two years.

It could be an issue our innovative Invisalign system can fix, a series of clear aligners that gently move teeth into the perfect position for a straight, beautiful smile.

Even better than the speed and comfort of Invisalign is the discretion of the nearly invisible aligners that no one will notice unless you point them out!

*Get A Bright Smile Easily*

You don’t even have to leave your couch to achieve amazing teeth whitening results. That’s because your Houston dentist can provide you with a customized whitening kit, complete with mouth trays that fit perfectly over your teeth for a nice, even coverage.

The professional whitening gel will stay in the trays so your gums aren’t harmed by the bleaching chemicals, and while you relax at home, your smile will get dramatically brighter!

*Hide Tiny Teeth Flaws*

Only a few tiny teeth flaws, like chips, cracks, gaps, or pointy edges are easily hidden behind a composite resin that’s shaped and polished to perfection.

Dental bonding has long been a simple, affordable cosmetic solution for an imperfect smile that only needs a little bit of help looking its best.

We’ll talk to you about the bonding process and whether it will give your smile, and your confidence, the boost it needs for a fantastic new year.

*Get A Smile Fit For Hollywood*

Not only is there one treatment dentists call the secret to a Hollywood smile, but it’s a cosmetic solution that began as a select smile enhancement for the stars of the silver screen from the start!

Dental veneers have transformed smiles for decades, and they’ve only gotten better with time and technology. Dr. Burch can work with you to design your dream smile according to your desired size, shape, and color of your teeth.

Veneers fit perfectly over dental imperfections to radically improve your smile, and they will resist stains and protect your teeth for decades with the right care.

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